Double PIR OPTEX + Transmitter VESTA



  • Double PIR detector for exteriors of 12m, 90° range
  • Includes VESTA-271 radio transmitter (TX-OPT-BXS-F1-868)
  • Active IR antimasking
  • 16 detection zones
  • Adjustable detection range and sensitivity
  • Alarm output and tamper against sabotage
  • IP55
  • Self-powered with lithium or alkaline batteries 3V~9V DC or from a radio transmitter.


Outdoor Dual PIR Detector Includes radio transmitter F1 868MHz VESTA-271 (TX-OPT-BXS-F1-868) Active IR anti-masking 12 meter coverage, 90° Detection range adjustable in 5 levels (2.5/3.5/6/8.5/12 meters) 16 detection zones Mounting height of 0.8 ~ 1.2 meters Adjustable sensitivity (high, medium, low) SMDA (Super Multi-Dimension Analysis) processing logic against false alarms due to vegetation and adverse weather factors Quick closing of the front cover, by pressure, and automatic walk test (3 minutes duration) when closing the cover Alarm relay: NC/NO (10V DC, 0.01A) Fault output: NC/NO (10V DC, 0.01A) Built-in rear tamper Double conductive mesh protection Built-in level for fast and accurate installation Easy visual identification of all adjustment elements (marked in blue color on the detector) Quick opening by turning the lower screw 90 degrees Includes protected compartment at the back to house the radio transmitter Degree of protection IP55 Operating temperature -20°C ~ +60°C Powered by 3V~9V DC lithium or alkaline batteries (not included) Compatible batteries: CR123A x3, 1/2AA x3 or x6, CR2 x3 Battery holder: OPTEX-42 (RBB-01) It is recommended to power from the battery of the radio transmitter used Maximum consumption: 4mA Dimensions: 199.3 x 81.6 x 109.3mm Weight: 500g

System Wireless
Protocol F1
Detector type DUAL PIR || PIR
Immunity Anti-masking || RF interference
Installation environment Outdoor
Coverage 10~15m

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