Double Technology 180° panoramic detector of the WX Shield series for outdoor use with active LED antimasking



  • Double Technology 180° panoramic detector of the WX Shield series for exteriors with active LED antimasking
  • Adjustable range up to 12m, 180°
  • X band microwave
  • Adjustable microwave range
  • Independent right and left side detection
  • Advanced SMDA processing logic
  • 14 pairs of horizontal detection zones and 2/4 vertical layers
  • Adjustable left/right detection range and sensitivity
  • Left and right alarm outputs, fault output and tamper output
  • IP55
  • 12V DC.

The WX Shield series is OPTEX's new bet for sensors with 180-degree panoramic detection, with flexibility in the distance and configuration of the detection area, as well as the option of low mounting (0.8-1.2 m) or high mounting ( 2 m), IR self-learning logic and anti-masking. Ideal for perimeter protection or flat roofs in residential or commercial installations. The WXS sensor is equipped with all the benefits of the Shield sensor category including double conductive mesh housing to avoid false alarms due to interference or intense light, automatic test mode and 5 year warranty. WXS-DAM is the wired model with dual technology (infrared and microwave).

Double technology and three-layer detection The WXS series features a built-in microwave and infrared (PIR) algorithm that provides maximum detection stability; It is ideal for applications where there is strong sunlight or direct glare from cars onto the sensor. Panoramic 3-layer detection offers high reliability as the alarm will only be triggered when motion is detected by all 3 detection layers.

Flexible installation height The WXS outdoor sensors offer high or low mounting options offering a flexible detection area of ​​between 2.5 and 12 m. In the 2m high mount option, the volumetric detection area is 9m; high mounting is effective in preventing vandalism or lens masking.

Two independent left/right detection areas In low mount, the WXS intrusion sensors have two independent detection areas 90 degrees to the left and right. Each of these areas can be configured independently for detection distance, sensitivity and independent alarm output, which is very useful for activating security cameras.

Screening analysis and animal immunity WX Shield intrusion detection sensors are designed to be immune to pets and small animals, which means that the alarm is not activated by cats, dogs or birds, giving great stability to the detection area. In addition, the sensors have the multi-dimensional logic (SMDA) patented by OPTEX, which discards environmental changes such as vegetation, shade, etc. which gives great stability to the sensor.


double technology Up to 12 meters, 180°, outdoor PIR with anti-masking Double technology (4 PIR + 2MW), three-layer detection and animal immunity Low (0.8~1.2 meters) or high (2 meters) mounting option Independent left/right detection and alarm output (ideal for CCTV)


180° Panoramic Double Technology Detector for Outdoors Panoramic three-layer detection: Triggers an alarm only when all three detection layers (upper and lower PIR sensors and microwave sensor) detect motion Antimasking by active LED Detection Method: Passive Infrared and Microwave 180° coverage angle High mounting height: 2 meters Low mounting height: 0.8 ~ 1.2 meters 14 pairs of horizontal detection zones and 2 vertical layers mounted between 0.8 and 1.2 meters high or 4 vertical layers mounted at 2 meters high Fixed range of 9 meters mounted at 2 meters height Adjustable range between 2.5 and 12 meters mounted between 0.8 and 1.2 meters high Detection speed from 0.3 to 2 m/s Adjustable left/right detection range between 2.5 and 12 meters (0.8 ~ 1.2m height) Sensitivity from 2°C to 0.6m/s adjustable for each side individually The microwave sensitivity can also be individually adjusted via a switch X band microwave frequency (10.525 GHz) Alarm period of 2.0 ± 1.0 sec. Boot time of 60 seconds or less (once the LED lights up) Digital IR anti-masking function self-learning function Double conductive shield Advanced SMDA (multidimensional analysis) processing logic Right alarm relay: Individual, right or general, NC/NA selectable (28V DC, 0.1A) Left alarm relay: Individual, left or general, NC/NO selectable (28V DC, 0.1A) Fault output: NC (28V DC, 0.1A) Tamper output: Activated when cover, base or main unit is removed, NC (28V DC, 0.1A) Power: 9.5V ~ 18V DC /24mA at 12V Operating temperature -20°C ~ +45°C Relative humidity up to 95% Degree of protection IP55 Wall or pole mount Includes bubble level to facilitate installation Dimensions: 91.7 (W) x 201.5 (H) x 86.3 (D) mm Weight: 625g

System Wired
Detector type Dual tech || MW 10GHz || PIR
Immunity Anti-masking || Pet immune
Installation environment Outdoor
Coverage 10~15m

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