QX Infinity Series Outdoor Dual Technology 120° Wireless Detector



  • QX Infinity series 120° dual-technology wireless detector for outdoor use
  • Compatible with most radio alarm systems
  • Infrared and microwave sensor
  • Range up to 12m, 120°
  • Advanced SMDA processing logic
  • 40 multilevel zones, 18 pet alley zones
  • Alarm output and fault/tamper output
  • IP54
  • It is powered by a 3V DC CR123A battery, not included.

The QX Infinity (QXI) series is a family of dual-technology infrared sensors offering a wide 120° detection angle and 12m coverage. Its elegant and compact design makes QXI sensors an ideal model for any residential or commercial building, offering reliable motion detection, animal immunity and activation of CCTV camera alarm panels. OPTEX-176 (QXI-RDT) is the wireless model with dual technology.

Double-technology and OPTEX- Tough microwave module

The QXI series combines infrared and microwave technology to confirm the alarm, only triggering the alarm when both infrared and microwave motion is detected. They also have the OPTEX Tough microwave module to prevent corrosion caused by condensation and humidity.

Adjustable mounting height

QXI outdoor intrusion detectors can be installed high - between 2.2m and 2.7m high - a multi-level volumetric detection pattern that allows you to ignore small animals. In environments with large animals, the sensor can be mounted between 0.8 and 1.2 m high, to ignore the passage of pets.

Detection pattern analysis to ignore false alarms

All QXI models are provided with an analysis logic called SMDA, which analyzes the detection pattern and changes in the environment, such as weather or vegetation movements, to discriminate noise and the cause of nuisance false alarms. . In addition, the entire QXI range is provided with a double conductive cover to filter interference due to light or electromagnetic.

Practical wireless technology

The QXI-RDT wireless sensor can be added to most wireless alarm systems and provides the benefit of quickly and effectively protecting access to premises or any other outside building. The housing can fit most wireless radio transmitters available on the market.


12m, 120 degrees, outdoor wireless detector Double-technology, two layers of detection and tolerance to small animals High mount (2.2-2.7m) or regular mount to ignore pets SMDA logic and double conductive jacket to minimize false alarms specs

Outdoor dual technology detector with anti-blocking Detection Method: Passive Infrared and Microwave 12 meter range 120° coverage angle PIR Zones: 40 zones (Multilevel), 18 zones (pet alley) Detection speed: 0.3~2m/s Sensitivity: 2°C at 0.6m/s Pet Alley: Remove bottom detection to ignore small animals Mounting height: 2.2 ~ 2.7 meters (multi-level), 0.8 ~ 1.2 meters (pet alley) Alarm period: 2 sec. (±0.5 sec.) Boot period: 60 sec. (approx.) Alarm output: NC/NO, selectable, solid state switch, 3V DC, 0.01A Fault (and tamper) output: NC/NO, selectable, solid state switch, 3V DC, 0.01A Advanced SMDA (multidimensional analysis) processing logic LED indicator: 1. Readiness, 2. Alarm, 3. End of walk test Power: CR123A battery (not included) 3V DC Current Draw: 16 μA hold, 11 mA maximum at 3V DC Operating temperature -40°C ~ +45°C Relative humidity up to 95% Degree of protection IP54 Wall mount (interior or exterior) Optional wall (OPTEX-37) and ceiling (OPTEX-38) brackets with horizontal and vertical adjustment Dimensions: 78 (W) x 144.5 (H) x 83.5 (D) mm Weight: 230g

System Wireless
Detector type Dual tech
Immunity Pet immune
Installation environment Outdoor
Coverage 10~15m

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