By Demes Group, SCC Authorized Distributor in Europe

SCC, Security Control Center, is a Software application developed by By Demes Group with the aim of controlling and verifying CCTV systems by CRAs and installation companies. Our excellent developers team will advise you so you would be able to implement this solution successfully and adapt it to different problems.

Plus, as a registered customer, you'll have access to the best technical support and the official warranty. SCC Software and its applications We can integrate Honeywell conventional and analog fire control panels with SCC, allowing management from the CRA softwares (Manitou, IBS, SoftGuard and compatible) or get reports and excel lists for use and later study. Thus, it is possible to view the different areas of an installation, verify their status and access the historical record. Before a fire alarm we can access basic information, such as seeing the type of alarm or the time of the alarm, but we can also know precise details, such as the temperature of the central, the input voltage, the battery voltage, consult the history of events and even access data from the specific device in the analogue control panels.

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