The new U-Prox home alarm system arrives at By Demes

The new U-Prox home alarm system arrives at By Demes
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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group JANUARY 12, 2022

The intrusion product catalog is constantly evolving, adapting to the different needs demanded by the market, therefore, we are proud to present the new U-Prox home alarm system, which arrives at By Demes this year to offer our customers a simple, safe and extremely reliable option when installing home alarms. Discover all the possibilities it offers!


U-Prox: the new home alarm for professional use

The innovative U-Prox brand home alarm is the result of the latest development by ITV Ltd., and stands out as one of the best wireless systems on the market. It offers high levels of protection, a wide range of functionalities and an elegant design, while allowing the installation company a simple and reliable management system.

The U-Prox security alarm is designed to protect homes at all times, thanks to its alert system. All wireless devices connect to the control panel through encrypted radio communications and the mobile application allows users and professionals to manage the system functions remotely.

Discover the U-Prox home alarm kits at By Demes and try a solution for your customers today!

Advantages of U-Prox as a home alarm

U-Prox is an exclusive brand, reserved only for professional use that has 30 areas with two types of assembly: total and partial. Installation can be done in just 15 minutes, thanks to its intuitive interface, which does not require training or prior learning.

It has the latest radio technology, with a range of up to 4.8 km and does not require internet for the first start-up. The connection with the ARC is automatic, without the need for parameters, being integrated through the ARC software by CID, SIA, MANITOU and SBN.

Complete U-Prox configuration can be done using the U-Prox app from a mobile device or web browser, without the need for programs or software. The devices are remotely configurable, as well as adjusting the sensitivity, anti-pet function, tamper, double knock ...

At the user level, it should be noted that an e-mail is not required to register the user code and that it is extremely simple and easy to use. All detectors have a Double Knock function (double detection, for high alarm reliability) both inside and outside the home.

Important: You will not find this home alarm system outside of professional channels, such as Amazon, Wallapop, etc.

Discover the U-Prox control panels

To familiarize yourself with this new home alarm system, we recommend knowing the three U-Prox control panels available at By Demes:

  1. U-Prox MP: supports up to 200 devices via radio frequency U-Prox radio technology, at a distance of up to 4800 meters. It interacts with the user and the security company through Ethernet and GSM / GPRS communication.

  2. U-Prox MP WiFi: supports up to 200 devices via radio frequency U-Prox radio technology, at a distance of up to 4800 meters. Interact with the user and the security company through WIFI and GSM / GPRS communication.

  3. U-Prox MP LTE: Supports up to 200 devices via U-Prox radio technology radio frequency, at a distance of up to 4800 meters. Interact with the user and the security company through WIFI, LTE and GSM / GPRS communication.


Other devices availables in the By Demes catalog

Next, we will mention some of the most relevant devices when installing the U-Prox alarm system:

  • U-Prox G1 Keypad: wireless control device, designed to arm and disarm, displays alarms and device status, as well as interaction with the user of the alarm system.
  • PIR U-Prox: wireless motion sensor equipped with a PIR sensor and designed for the security of any interior residential or industrial premises.
  • Outdoor U-Prox PIR: wireless outdoor motion detector with advanced detection algorithms, digital sensor temperature compensation and anti-masking system.
  • U-Prox Smoke: Wireless optical smoke alarm designed to notify smoke detection in residential or industrial facilities.
  • U-Prox Water: Wireless detector designed to detect water leaks.
  • U-Prox Keychain: Wireless keychain designed to control the U-Prox security system. It has two buttons to arm and disarm, a programmable key and an LED indicator for interaction with the user of the alarm system. Can be used as a panic button.
  • U-Prox Siren: Wireless indoor siren designed for alarm notification when the wireless detectors on the U-Prox MP control panel are activated.
  • U-Prox Extender: range extender. Significantly increases the radio communication distance between the U-Prox MP control panel and other wireless devices.


U-Prox Installer

The U-Prox home alarm has its own application, easy to use, both for the user and for the installer. Download the U-Prox Installer on Google Play and the App Store, or work directly through the official U-Prox website.

Ready to try U-Prox's new home alarm system? Use the By Demes contact form, our excellent sales team will assist you as soon as possible.

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