VAELSYS and By Demes Group launch VIM-XDT, the best low-cost analytics for perimeter detection in simple installations

VAELSYS and By Demes Group launch VIM-XDT, the best low-cost analytics for perimeter detection in simple installations
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Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group APRIL 9, 2019

The residential analytics market is experiencing a revolution thanks to the implementation of compact analytical video systems. And it is that every day there are more facilities that rely on video analytics for the protection and management of their security.

According to recent studies of the American company "Grand View Research GVR" on the forecast of the market of analytical video in the world, it states that until 2025 there will be an annual increase of 22.5% of the VA market in Europe.

The leading national developer of intelligent analysis technology VAELSYS, together with its official distributor By Demes Group, have contributed to the innovation of security in the residential sector with the launch of the "Entry level" range of VAELSYS, called VIM-XDT.

Its virtually zero false alarm level and its detection efficiency make VIM-XDT the best video analytics for small and medium-sized businesses and residential installations. And its low price makes it a system available to anyone, achieving the expected "Democratization of analytical video”.

By means of recognition algorithms using its perimeter detection engine, VIM-XDT is a compact device with no competition in terms of accuracy. Installers and alarm receivers can once again take advantage of the benefits and advantages of VAELSYS technology and provide their customers with definitive analytics of up to 4 channels.

Its exclusive technical characteristics are the multiple detection zones and special anti-false alarm filters, unlimited action management as warning to CRA, detection distances optimized up to 60 m and optional acceptance of input / output modules.

In addition, the new VAELSYS V4 application, available in Apple Store and Android Market, allows a real-time management of the VIM-XDT system with immediate notification by Push notification on Smartphone, for an immediate verification video.

The VIM-XDT hardware consists of an Intel server with OS Linux with 32GB of space for events (minimum 1 month of storage), with 2GB of RAM and 2 years warranty.

And thanks to its full compatibility with the main CCTV manufacturers on the market (DAHUA, HYUNDAI or HIKVISION), By Demes Group has extended the VAELSYS proposal with several kits combined with its IP or HD analogue cameras and recorders.

This integration CCTV-VA completes the experience to generate a rectangular perimeter of maximum reliability, perfect for connection to CRA and ensuring that the operability of the system for residential is as robust as the solution of VAELSYS industrial range.