We release new web bydemes.com

We release new web bydemes.com
Equipo de Marketing
Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group MARCH 30, 2020

We take this opportunity to inform you that, in order to continue improving and providing the best possible service, we have launched a new website that is more attractive, more functional and faster so that you can make your queries and requests about our more than 7,000 available products and solutions in permanent stock.

In addition to having completely redesigned it and added new functionalities necessary for our clients, we have adapted to its different devices so that they can interact from your PC, Tablet or Smartphone and obtain the best experience.

Soon, we will inform you of all the news and benefits that you can already obtain with the new website of the leading distributor of security technologies.

For any incident (for which we apologize) or suggestion for improvement (which we will greatly appreciate), contact our Marketing department at carolina@bydemes.com.