Defendertech fog cannon + VESTA module



  • Defendertech fog cannon
  • Includes 2 VESTA digital input/output modules
  • Generation of 415 m3 in 1 minute
  • 12V DC, 500mA output for external devices
  • Does not include battery
  • Adjustable firing time
  • Total shot volume of 1870 m3
  • Instant fog release and pause
  • Load status monitoring
  • Sabotage alarms
  • Verified alarm trip
  • Manual shot from App.


Includes 2 VESTA-155 digital input/output modules (DIO-52-F1) Instant fog release and pause State of charge monitoring tamper alarms Trip on verified alarm Manual shot from App Saturated volume with a shot of 60 seconds: 50 m² h.3 - 415 m³ in expansion Time of 1 mist shot: 1-60 seconds Time of each forced pause: From 1 to 60 minutes Total firing time: 5 minutes (with a full tank) Tank capacity: 0.5 liters Total saturated volume carrying out all available shots: 2,075 m3 (with a full tank) Heating time: Max 25 minutes Reaction time 200ms Boiler autonomy in the absence of electricity of 1 hour with a 60-second shot Bug reporting system liquid level gauge Anti-opening protection tamper 12 V DC output for external sensors 500 mA Power: 220V AC Rated power consumed at power on: 600 W Average consumption per hour: 40w/h Consumption at rest: 120 mA Dimensions: 380 (W) x 380 (H) x 145mm Weight: 10 kg (with full tank)

Speed 400m³/60s

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