By Demes, new Aeotec home automation distributor in Spain and Portugal

By Demes, new Aeotec home automation distributor in Spain and Portugal
Equipo de Marketing
Equipo de Marketing By Demes Group JUNE 14, 2021

By Demes, a leading provider of security and IoT devices is the new distributor of Aeotec, a Z-Wave home automation manufacturer with extensive experience in IoT. The devices offered by Aeotec combine security, quality, and comfort, as well as the intelligence of the software-led, able to adapt to the different spaces of each home.

By Demes distribuidor oficial Aeotec

Aeotec home technology

Aeotec was founded in 2006 as "Aeon Labs" in Silicon Valley (California, USA) and focuses on intelligent automated electronics. Importantly, at the end of 2018, the brand acquired Popp & Co, the German brand founded in 1930 by Heinrich Popp. Today, the brand is supported by Aeotec Group companies and staff from Europe to Asia, and through its partners in Australia and the United States.

Aeotec's various solutions combine intelligent software developed by the brand itself, as well as an extensive portfolio of Aeotec products. The technology combines Gen5, which uses the Z-Wave Plus 500 series, Gen7, which uses Z-Wave Plus 700, S2 for enhanced security of Z-Wave devices, and SmartStart pairing technology.

The following solutions are currently available:

-  Hub Series

-  Controller Series

-  Intelligence Series

-  Operator Series

Aeotec, compatible with the main intrusion brands

Another interesting aspect offered by Aeotec is the compatibility and integration with two major Intrusion Systems available from By Demes: the VESTA Alarm and Alarm solutions. It is therefore possible to combine the latest IoT functions with the advanced home and business protection offered by both intrusion brands.

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