Two-way wireless Pyronix detector for outdoors, triple technology (2 dual PIR + Doppler microwave) with pet inmunity up



  • Two-way wireless Pyronix detector for outdoors, triple technology (2 dual PIR + Doppler microwave) with pet inmunity up to 10 kg
  • 868MHz
  • 10 m range, 90°
  • Triple microwave frequency
  • IP55
  • EN50131 Grado 2.

Two-way wireless external detection

The XDH10TT-WE is an external detector that combines advanced technologies such as Tri-technology detection and the Enforcer two-way wireless protocol.

Tri-signal detection logic

Tri-signal detection logic enhances the detector’s immunity to environmental disturbances. The detection of human presence is based on the analysis of the activation sequence of the microwave movement sensor and the two independent digital PIR sensors. All three sensors are required to activate at the same time in a particular time window to create an alarm.

Digital Temperature Compensation

The XD detector will automatically adjust itself to maintain detection range in hot and humid environments where the environmental temperature is similar to the external body temperature.

Heavy duty ultraviolet filter

Ultraviolet light is always present in our environment. Exposure to high radiation reduces performance and can fully blind the PIR lenses. This is why Pyronix XD lenses are manufactured to the highest standards and coated with a heavy duty ultraviolet filter to ensure protection from UV radiation.

Built in walk test buzzer

Where bright sunlight is present, it may be difficult to see the detector’s alarm LEDs from a distance. To enable the installer to perform an easy and quick walk test during the installation, the XD is equipped with a built in buzzer. This will create a buzzing noise to indicate an alarm activation. The buzzer can be disabled if not required.

Weatherproof housing

The housing of the XD detectors is made from 3mm thick polycarbonate plastic, providing protection from the effects of adverse weather conditions. The hood provides protection from snow, rain and any other environmental disturbances, while the UV coating stops the yellowing of the plastic over time.

Microwave frequencies bands

The XD is supplied with three different frequency bands. Each of them is indicated with a different colour label. This feature allows the installation of multiple detectors in close proximity without the danger of frequency interference.

Optional heavy duty bracket

The optional heavy duty bracket includes a cable-through feature, enhancing security and easing installation as the wires are hidden away within the bracket. The XDH10TT-WE moves 45 degrees left and right allowing a total area coverage of up to 90 degrees when two detectors are installed next to each other. If for any reason the wire can not be hidden within the bracket a conduit may be be installed to protect the cables.

Features - Two-way wireless Pyronix detector, triple technology (2 dual PIR + microwave) - 10 m range, 90° - 78 detection zones and 5 planes - Sealed optics - Pet inmunity up to 10 kg (installed at 2,4 m) - Detection speed: 0,25 ~ 2,5ms - Automatic sensibility - Digital temperature compensation - 868 MHz frequency transmission, FM transceiver - 128-bit encrypted radio protocol - 1,6 km wireless range on open space - Integrated buzzer for walk-test - Separate indicator: microwave, PIR and alarm - Microwave triple frequency to avoid interference - Protection against manipulation - Anti-oscillation analysis: Distinguish between the movement of vegetation and that of a real intruder - UV filter - IP55 - Polycarbonate case - Powered by 2 lithium batteries 3V / 5Ah (included) - 3 year battery duration - Working temperature: -30°C ~ +55°C - Dimensions: 180 x 80 x 105 mm - Weight: 500 g - Includes two flexible masking grids and two fixed masking grids to create curtain coverage - Optional wall bracket: PYRO-16 - Optional adapter (requires PYRO-16) of 45°: PYRO-15 - Optional fixed bracket for wall: PYRO-17 - 2 year warranty - Environmental class IV - EN50131 grade 2

Type detector Dual tech
Certificaat Grade 2
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