SR7Fire-MD system for fire detection on industrial environments



  • SR7Fire-MD system for fire detection on industrial environments
  • Pan-tilt unit with 35 mm CIF thermal camera
  • 1m³ detection at 155~175 m or overheating mode at 1.400~1.750 m
  • 360° rotation
  • IP66
  • Includes license of industrial analytics.

Pan-Tilt unit features - IP66 industrial range - 360° continuous, Pan 60°/s and Tilt 30°/s speed - Power supply: 24V AC ( TERM-74 recommended, not included) - Thermal or dual system installation permited (thermal + motorized D&N) - Analisys based on Presets (unlimited) of 5 to 10 seconds per position - TERM-69 supported to manage manually a remote reboot (recommended) - TERM-71 license included of fire analytics for industrial environments Thermal camera features - 35 mm lens - Horizontal viewing angle: 13° - Vertical viewing angle: 10° - Pixel size: 25 µm - CIF - HA: 616 HA (optimal), 962 HA (max) - Overheating range: 1.400 m (optimal), 1.750 m (max) - 1m³ flame range: 155 m (optimal), 175 m (max) - 0,4m³ flame range: 98 m (optimal), 110 m (max) - 0,1m³ flame range: 49 m (optimal), 55 m (max) - IP video H.264/MPEG-4 & MJPEG - Multiprotocol system via IP - Working temperature range: -35°C ~ +55°C - IP66

TERM-57 server (not included) with pre-installed analytic software - PC server with 23” monitor, keyboard, mouse and alarm (8E/8S) - Management: up to 5 thermal channels of industrial fire analytics or overheating - Capacity to detect overheating and flame alerts - XML interface for software platform integration - Via integration interface data is sended: position, distance and object type detected (overheating o flame) - IP video transmitted via coded RTSP H.264 withCIF and 4CIF resolution - Allows armed / disarmed scheduling or change of alert type (overheating or flame) - Cartography over map - Sensor positioning on map - Sensor and video management status display - Cartography pointing - Manual pointing - Parameter change - Alart management - Video-recording management - Preset management - Video-analytic schedule - Management and definition mask - Video-analytic configuration and definition - Compatible App SR7 (available soon) with push notification - Requires TERM-71 activation license per camera (included on Pan-Tilt systems)

Notes - Optional: Start-up "on site" and installation of towers (turnkey) - Radio link not included: 2Mbps Minimum Upload / Download required per camera - TERM-58 : Annual maintenance "online" by installation (mandatory) - Requires a personalized pre-study for each project (contact your sales person)

Thermische resolutie CIF (320x240)
1m³ afstand vlam Max 175m
Warmte afstand Max 1750m
Hoek <15°

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