ViRDI biometric reader for Access Control and Presence with EM 125KHz card reader and 1



  • ViRDI biometric reader for Access Control and Presence with EM 125KHz card reader and 1.77 "touch screen built-in
  • False fingerprint detection
  • 10,000 users (1: 1)
  • 1,500 fingerprint patterns (1: N)
  • 100,000 events
  • Authentication of <1 sec. (1: N)
  • 0.1% FRR
  • 0.0001% FAR
  • TCP / IP, USB, RS485 (OSDP protocol)
  • Wiegand input and output
  • IP65.


The new VIRDI AC-2100 PLUS biometric terminal responds to the needs of any organization for the management of access control and schedule of its employees.

This new terminal incorporates the patented technology for the detection of false fingerprints, as well as the possibility of authenticating the user by card.

The fingerprint reading of this terminal is a patented triple optical scanning system, based on IR technology and electro-capacitive contact. The integrated reading sensor is able to identify and distinguish a real (live) finger from counterfeits made by chemical processes such as silicone, rubber, film, paper or jelly.

It incorporates a touch screen, in addition to four touch function keys to facilitate user access and signing operations and is especially suitable for outdoor installation, thanks to its tightness with degree of protection IP65.


  • Biometric terminal and card reader
  • The terminal incorporates a 1.77 "color screen
  • The new patented sensor detects false fingerprints made of paper, film, silicone or rubber
  • EM 125KHz card reader
  • Capacity 10,000 (1: 1) / 1,500 (1: N) fingerprints
  • Registration of up to 100,000 events
  • 4 function keys
  • Communication interface TCP / IP, USB, RS485 (OSDP) and Wiegand Input / Output
  • OSDP protocol (Open Supervised Device Protocol)
  • Degree of protection IP65, suitable for outdoors


  • 400MHz ARM processor
  • 1.77 "color LCD touch screen
  • 32MB NOR memory
  • 128MB flash storage
  • Maximum capacity of up to 10,000 users (1: 1)
  • Capacity of up to 1,500 fingerprint patterns (1: N)
  • The terminal requires 2 fingerprints per user
  • Registration of up to 100,000 events
  • EM 125KHz RFID card reader
  • 500 dpi fingerprint sensor with a scanning area of ​​14.6x17.6 mm
  • Authentication speed: <0.2 sec. 1: 1 / <1 sec. 1: N (1,000)
  • FRR: 0.1%
  • FAR: 0.0001%
  • Communication Interface TCP / IP, USB, RS485, Wiegand Input / Output
  • Operating temperature of -20 ° C ~ + 60 ° C
  • Power supply at 12V DC, 400 mA (4.8W)
  • Dimensions: 58 (W) x 188 (H) x 51.6 mm
  • IP65 protection degree
IP waarde IP65
Ctrl aanwezigheid YES (DUAL)
Authenticatiemodi Kaart || Vingerafdruk
Lezer EM

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