Fingeprint and Mifare card reader



  • Fingeprint and Mifare card reader
  • Up to 5.000 fingerprints
  • Card reading range 3 to 10 cm
  • RS485 communication
  • Suitable for outdoors.


Fingerprint and card reader, designed with a 32 bit high-speed processor, contains the optical fingerprint recognition module. It communicates with access controller via the RS-485 protocol. And a built-in tamper-proof module helps to protect the card reader from malicious damage. The protective level is IP65, which is suited for outdoor installation.


  • A group of messy code encrypted data for the security of fingerprint storage
  • Supports RS485 communication with 19200bps-N-8-1 transmission rate. There are CRC test for the protocol.
  • Supports EM card reading (DS-K1201EF)
  • Supports Mifare card reading (DS-K1201MF)
  • Card induction distance is 30mm to 100mm
  • Supports multiple authentication modes (card, fingerprint, and card + fingerprint)
  • Optical CMOS fingerprint module. The characters of fingerprint can be export to the card reader
  • Max. 5000 fingerprints storage
  • Adopts the optical fingerprint module, supporting 1:N mode (fingerprint, card + fingerprint) and 1:1 mode(card + fingerprint)
  • Fingerprint comparison time: 1:1≤1s, 1:1000≤1s; FRR≤0.01%, FAR≤0.001%
  • Communication circuit is designed with optical coupling isolation and noise suppression function
  • Build-in buzzer for status indication
  • Accurate data and time display provided by built-in electronic clock and watchdog program to ensure the basic function of the terminal
  • Tamper-proof function.


  • 32 bit high performance processor
  • Fingerprint capacity: Up to 5.000 fingerprints
  • Comparison mode: 1:1 and 1:N
  • Comparison time: 1:1 <1 sec; 1:3000 <1,5 sec
  • FAR (False acceptance rate): ≤0,001%
  • FRR (False rejection rate): ≤0,01%
  • Reconocedor de huella: Optical module
  • Mifare card supported
  • Induction distance: 3 ~ 10 cm
  • Communication interface: RS485
  • Transmission speed: 19200bps-N-8-1
  • LED indicator for power and communication
  • Build in buzzer for status indication
  • Tamper proof function
  • IP65
  • Power supply: 12V DC (±10%)
  • Working temperature -40°C ~ +70°C
  • Working RH: 10% ~ 90%, without condensation
  • Dimensions: 62 x 132 x 44 mm
  • Surface mount
Authenticatiemodi Kaart || Vingerafdruk

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